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Grosvenor Arms, Nice and Convenient

From: xxxxxxxx 
Date posted: 2/17/2009
Years at this apartment: 2007 - 2009


I have lived at Grosvenor Arms in a part-time capacity for about 1.5 years. My primary residence is about an hour from the Metro Area where I have been working recently. I rented a studio to be close to downtown and have been very pleased with the convenience and support staff. Chuck in the office does a great job taking care of the rentors and makes you feel at home.

Nice Place

From: xxxxxxxx
Date posted: 4/28/2007
Years at this apartment: 2005 - 2006


I lived at Grosvenor for 8 months and I was sad to have moved out. The location is nice, parking is alright, even without a parking spot I only had to walk 2 blocks at the most. The management is alright, I've heard its changed for the better after I movede out. Noise is fine for a downtown apartment. I never had any secuerity issues, it is downtown though. Most of the tennants are nice and I didn't ever have to wait to use the Washer/Dryer upstairs. Overall I'm sad I had to move, if I could I'd move back. You cant srgue with free cable/utilities, my electric bill was about 20 a month. It gets a little hot during the summer and I'd reccomend a window mounted AC. Like I said, a good place and well worth the money!

Date posted: 7/26/2004
Years at this apartment: 2003-2004

I've lived here for a year now, and will continue to. The construction is awesome. Hardwood floors throuought. French doors, rounded ceilings. Free water, gas and cable tv makes it even better. And the rent is cheap, too. I have no complaints and would recommend this place to anyone looking.


Date posted: 3/7/2005
Years at this apartment: 2004-2005

What an amazing place to live! Denvers first high-rise apartment with original paint, doors, carpet, hardwood, and an Otis elevator from 1930 make Grosvenor Arms the place to be. People who complain about high rent in the Denver area obviously haven't found Grosvenor Arms. Steam heat, water, and cable are included in rent!
The only downside is parking. There is a garage underneath the building; however since it was built in 1930 there wasn't a high demand for parking. This is my first apartment and I know it'll be hard to beat!

Date posted: 10/17/2004
Years at this apartment: 2004-2004

This place ROCKS! I've lived in over 10 different apartments all over the country and this place is the best! Maintenance is prompt, friendly, and effective. GAS, HEAT, WATER, and CABLE are INCLUDED in the already reasonable rent! And the location, right near Broadway and the free MallRide station, can't be beat.
If you have PETS or SMOKE cigarettes, this place is NOT FOR YOU! It is a no-pets, no-smoking building, which is why it smells so good for the rest of us!

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